Instagram provides a platform for businesses of all sizes to reach a captive audience and visually inspire their unique point of view.


Inspire People Visually With Your Business’s Story

On Instagram, you can:

  • Visually showcase your product, app, or service

  • Communicate/share your brand’s unique point of view

  • Reach the right people with relevant content in a creative environment

  • Express highly memorable, creative, and distinct visual messages through your ads


A Seamless Experience

On Instagram, advertiser content appears natively in the feed, the same place people experience other content they follow.


The advantage of advertising on Instagram is that the advertising experience can be seamless with the rest of the community content. When businesses use rich visuals and emotion to tell their story on Instagram, their ads don’t look like ads.

Instagram is a place where people go to discover and be inspired. On Instagram, your message reaches people where they follow their passions and explore the world through imagery — both images and video. For these reasons, Instagram is a highly relevant environment to share your brand’s story or showcase your products, apps, or services.



A Seamless Experience Completed

What’s the Opportunity for Businesses on Instagram?


Businesses have been a part of the Instagram community since the beginning. Since 2013, many businesses have used Instagram ads to successfully connect and engage their fans through beautiful imagery. Today, more than 200,000 advertisers each month1 are reaching customers on Instagram with ads that spark the various interests of the community. With the diverse global audience on Instagram, businesses of all sizes are seeing success with the targeting and visual storytelling from their Instagram campaigns.

Instagram can help you and your business:

  • Reach your customers at scale

  • Generate awareness, interest, and intent for new products and campaigns

  • Showcase your products, app or service where people seek visual inspiration

  • Drive website clicks and conversions

  • Drive mobile app installs and engagement

  • Drive people in the funnel from awareness through to action

Businesses have found success on Instagram through the use of creative that is relevant to their audience and feels native to the platform. You can use visual imagery to evoke emotion, inspire your community, and drive action.

For more inspiration, check out the Instagram for Business website.

1Source: Instagram Internal Data, February 2016


Start with a clear goal and creative concept.

Compelling ads on Instagram have a strong concept tied to a clear objective. Whether you’re driving brand awareness, website clicks or app installs, create concepts that align to your campaign goal.


Celebrate your brand look and feel.

Make your ads branded, and keep strong brand consistency across campaigns. Establish connective elements across your images and videos — like an identifiable color palette, composition or photographic style — to make your business recognizable.


Focus on craft.

Use well-crafted ads to enhance the equity of your business on Instagram. Ads drive greater results when they’re well shot, interesting to look at, and artistic. What you create should draw people in and keep them wanting more.




Other Tips for Getting Started

learn some additional tips for getting started on Instagram.


1. Profile photo

Simple is best! We recommend using your business’s logo or a graphic symbol. Keep in mind it will be cropped into a circle and appear as a 150 x 150 pixel image (that’s pretty small) on most mobile phones.

2. Account Name

Choose an account name, ideally your business name, that’s easily tied to your brand. Keep in mind the character limit is 30. Learn more about account names in the Community Guidelines andTerms of Use.

3. Text

Keep captions short and fresh. Incorporate a few hashtags (we recommend a max of three so they don’t detract from the simplicity of the post). Ask questions to engage people.

4. Commenting and liking

Use hashtags, locations, and Photos of You to find images of your brand that other people have posted on Instagram.

5. Tagging

Include the location of your photo or video when it helps tell the story of the image. Use the Add People feature to tag accounts in your image when they will help you reach a broader audience.

6. Image tools

Edit your images with filters and other tools available in the Instagram app. These effects give images that unmistakable “Instagram look” that people respond to.

7. Image subjects

Post photos and videos of beautiful and unexpected moments that also feel authentic and immediate. Whether your subject is a person or an object, capture it in a context that gives a sense of your identity or point of view.


Below are some dos and don’ts to consider when you post images on Instagram.


  • Don’t use images that are busy or complex in composition. These images are distracting and can be easily overlooked.
  • Don’t create content, like an event with specific dates or times, that may easily become irrelevant. People on Instagram come in and out of the app, but we don’t know exactly when. So, if your audience saw an ad referencing “morning” but they viewed the ad in the afternoon or evening, the ad may seem irrelevant to them.
  • Don’t include content that infringes upon or violates the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other personal or proprietary rights. This includes the image, caption, and any hashtags you add.


  • Do utilize the caption as a concise way to deliver your message.
  • Do take pictures with your logo visible on the product or packaging.
  • Do make sure the image has a strong focal point so it sends a clear message.
  • Do create content with your target audience in mind. Remember that ad delivery times will carry throughout the day and content should not have required sequencing.
  • Do obtain permission to use image and video content that someone else has taken if you plan you use them in an ad. The attribution model applied must be agreed upon between both parties.
  • DO Completed

Remember, the best way to build and maintain a following is to create authentic, high-quality, on-brand content that the community wants to see in their Instagram feed. You can do that by telling an interesting story through your images and captions.

Get started by visiting to access Business Manager and claim your Instagram handle. If you don’t have Business Manager, you can claim your Instagram handle in Power Editor.


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