Instagram Placement at Ad Set Level

After creating a campaign with the Instagram objective, you will see Instagram as a placement option at the ad set level.

Select the Instagram radio button. We’ve made this easy by adding a blue “New” icon next to it.

Note: You can create an Instagram-only ad set, a Facebook-only ad set, or select multiple placements on Instagram, Mobile News Feed, Desktop News Feed, Desktop Right Column, and/or Audience Network




Instagram Ad Creation

In order to create an ad on Instagram, you will need the following:

  • Your website URL or App ID information

  • Your ad copy/text and photo or video

Note: Instagram just requires a caption and a photo or video; the other fields are for Facebook ads.

We’ve also made it easy to turn images into square format by providing a cropping tool for you to use here.


Adding Your Instagram Account in Power Editor

To add your business’s Instagram account, select your Facebook Page, then click “Add an account.”


Next, enter your the username and password for your business’s Instagram account.


Your business’s Instagram account name and profile picture will now appear under the “Instagram Account” heading.


Using a Facebook Page to Advertise on Instagram

If you don’t currently have an organic Instagram account, you can still run ads on Instagram using your Facebook Page. However, this option will limit you to a subset of functionalities. In order to get the most out of the platform, we recommend that you create an account after testing to experience the full range of functionalities available on Instagram.

Follow these steps in Power Editor:
1. At the ad set level, select Instagram as an ad placement.
2. When creating ads, make sure to select a Facebook Page. This Page will identify your business in your Instagram ads.


3. Click “Use selected Facebook Page to represent your business in your Instagram ad.”


For more detailed steps on how to use Power Editor for buying Instagram ads, please visit the Power Editor course in Blueprint.






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