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When you’ve been a pop diva since childhood, your personal style is bound to be dramatic. For Agnez Mo, who released her first album at the age of 6, a boring wardrobe was never an option. As the reigning diva of Indonesian pop, Mo has spent the past two decades in the spotlight, creating catchy pop songs and adapting her look with ease. Mo has moved through all the familiar pop star phases, from an early 2000s teenybopper period, where she adopted logo-covered crop tops and low-rise jeans, to the transition to making songs for an adult audience, which meant elegant gowns influenced by her Indonesian heritage. Even her debut English-language track, produced by Timbaland, prompted a fashion moment: Mo slipped into sexy bustiers and oversize sportswear to celebrate the moment.

On Instagram, Mo’s constant updates showcase her current look: a hip-hop-influenced mix of pieces from luxury standards like Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, and Hermès alongside flashy pop star favorites like Moschino and KTZ. A fan of bling, Mo piles on the gold chains or pearls to add interest to her casual outfits, and pulls out the statement earrings for her gig on the coaching panel of Indonesia’s edition of The Voice. Sticking largely to shades of black, white, and gray, Mo saves her color experiments for her hair—in the past year alone her hair has been blonde, brunette, lavender, and silver.

For style-conscious musicians, the ultimate fashion test is merch, and with a new streetwear line, Anye, established in 2015, Mo aims to influence what her fans wear in addition to what they’re listening to. The label is set to show during Jakarta’s Fashion Week, and like Rihanna, Kanye, and Beyoncé before her, Mo’s runway debut is sure to be headline-worthy. Given her love of dramatic fashion and ability to continuously reinvent herself, the role of designer is sure to suit Mo just fine. [1]


ANYE: Fashion Debut Of Agnez Mo

Agnez’s strong character is able to carry her name go international, as well as can become a separate brand. In addition to singing and acting, Agnez’s interest in the fashion world makes him plunge also in the clothing line business. Recently launched the brand ANYE, as a brand that offers clothing line in Indonesia introduced by Agnez Mo.

ANYE product itself can be obtained through lifestyle application Maverick Avenue. Maverick Avenue is a digital lifestyle portal that offers three content in one single app, exclusive and stylish fashion products a la Agnez Mo, Maverick Radio, and Community Avenue that offer lifestyle-saving yet cool.

Photo Courtesy ANYE by agnes monica - Flicr.

Photo Courtesy ANYE by agnes monica – Flicr.

The launch of ANYE simultaneously answers the size of the fashion market in Indonesia, and the growing demand from Agnez fans who want stylish yet affordable products. When the fans are able to enjoy the music, they can also enjoy the brand Agnez in the fashion world.

Agnez Mo’s management was run by her own family since the beginning, around 1992. Agnez has always been a celebrity who can maintain her existence and fans in Indonesia, although she focuses on pursuing a career as an international singer-making him very often abroad.

Though foreign influence seemed too strong to her, Agnez herself was convinced that nothing in this world was original, and without influence from anything else. Agnez went overseas when her demand was still high in Indonesia, raising concerns that this will affect the loyalty of the fans and discourage the market interest in Indonesia, due to the pursuit of overseas expansion. The management also tried hard to maintain the base of Agnez fans in Indonesia.

Image Courtesy Agnez Mo - ANYE.

Image Courtesy Agnez Mo – ANYE.

Agnez is still positioning himself as a very open Indonesian singer with the influence of globalization. He addressed the western culture-which is considered to clash with eastern culture by many people-not as a barrier, but rather as a culture that can complement each other’s positioning and image as a singer. Thus, Agnez also considers itself as an Indonesian product with a mixture of the era of globalization.

Clothing collections from ANYE not only favor the fashion. The use of positive messages in written form such as “Forgive“, “Tolerance” and “Peace” on the products are judged to add to the equity of the ANYE brand when compared to other brands.

So not just fashionable, not just just, well if I use this cool, but there is a message behind it,” said Agnez told the media.

At its first launch, ANYE offered several categories such as ANYE sketch and ANYE Basic. After that will be followed by some other derivatives such as activewear, shoes, accessories, etc.

Agnez’s involvement in ANYE includes totality. In addition to being a Brand Inspirator, Agnez is also responsible as Chief Creative Officer (COO) where she will control the development of design concepts from ANYE.


Tech; Agnez Mo App

Actress and superstar Agnez Mo launches mobile application in collaboration with technology company based in New York, EscapeX. This new app will make it easier for fans to access Agnez Mo’s social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and can make it easier for fans to access directly with the star through the social supply of the app. This will provide an invaluable experience for her fans, while enjoying Agnez Mo’s exclusive, unique content, especially her personal and life view.

In a press conference held in one of the hotel ballroom in Jakarta, on May 18, 2017, Agnez admitted that he could be more free expression through this application than through other social media platforms.

Agnez felt with the application so it can be more open and facilitate himself to be more connected with her loyal and sincere fans in admiring the work and keep abreast of her career development.

For example, when I’m playing Plaza Senayan, Agnez Mo’s application will bring up the notification of ‘Who is at Plaza Senayan.’For fans who are in the area, can meet directly with me,” Agnez concluded. [2]

Image Courtesy Agnez Mo - EscapeX.

Image Courtesy Agnez Mo – EscapeX.

Image Courtesy Agnez Mo - EscapeX.

Image Courtesy Agnez Mo – EscapeX.

Headed by mobile technology experts and entertainment industry leaders, EscapeX develops advanced mobile solutions to provide celebrities and social influencers like athletes, actors, models, comedians, and other creators with a direct connection to their audiences, greater control over their content, and monetization of social engagement through e-commerce and in-app advertising. For fans, the apps deliver streamlined access to content, including key social media feeds from Facebook, Instagram, and more. The platform also features a proprietary loyalty program that rewards users for spending time on the apps and interacting more closely with influencers. [3]


New Surprises; Latest clip videos Agnez Mo ‘Long As I Get Paid’

“So Blessed to be able to share what i wrote a couple of years ago before i started this project…. Now… www.youtube.com/agnezmo #AGNEZxMO #AGNEZMO #X,” wrote Agnez on her Instagram @agnezmo.

It’s been a long while since we’ve heard anything musically from the Indonesia singer AGNEZ MO, but she’s back with another dope single/video titled “Long As I Get Paid”, with a guest star appearance by actor Brian White.

What’s the meaning to this song? Well, the title itself should be self-explanatory in the sense of this: When you know you’ve work your a** off so hard at what you love to do, freebies doesn’t exist when you know your worth, and we concur 100%. [4]

Agnez Mo has just released her latest video clip for the song Long As I Get Paid on Saturday, September 23rd.

In the video clip for the single ber-genre R & B, Agnez wearing a modern kebaya fashion with batik motif typical of Indonesia designer renowned designer Anne Avanti. Not only that, he also wore ethnic decoration heads.

In this 4 minute 35 second video, Agnez shows her acting skills with her co-star, actor Brian J. White. He also demonstrated her choreography abilities in this video clip. Not only a singer and actress, in this video clip turned out to Agnez became director with Sasha. In the first five seconds, it’s natural if we suddenly remembered the video of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” because the location of the shoot is the same. Agnez Mo chose a luxury mansion in Los Angeles, United States called Chateau d’Or. When viewed more closely, this is also the same location where Beyonce made a video clip for the single “Haunted” which became the original soundtrack of the movie Fifty Shades of Gray.

Photo Courtesy Eileen's Home Design - Blogger.

Photo Courtesy Eileen’s Home Design – Blogger.

Chateau d’Or is a grand residence located in Bel Air, CA. The residence features a grand dining room, gourmet kitchen, grand living areas, a gorgeous master suite with his & hers bathrooms, prayer room, library/office, den, and more. The property also features a gym, pool/guest house, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and more. This is just a world class property and is worth seeing.

Agnez Mo took American actor Brian White as a video clip model “Long As I Get Paid“. But unfortunately there is no clear narration displayed in this video, at least in the form of a short story. It was hard to see what Agnez meant to carry a dagger, whereas Agnez was already in a fancy filming location.

But apart from that all, we can enjoy the beautiful batik cape worn Agnez. Like the dress used in the video clip “Coke Bottle“, this time Agnez also wore the work of designer Anne Avantie. Apparently Agnez Mo always wanted to show the greatness of her home country, Indonesia, by exhibiting the culture through her works. In addition to luxurious batik robes, Agnez also briefly display the dance movements of the fingers.


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