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From 2656 respondents, we examined the habits of respondents associated to visits and shopping activities. There are two major Minimarket company in Indonesia, which is Indomaret and Alfamart. Both minimarket have outlets in all regions of Indonesia. Always located close to residental or downtown. That makes both minimarket becoming one of the most compelling options of grocery shopping.

So let’s look deeper on how Indomaret vs Alfamart survey result below!


Indomaret vs Alfamart : 1-2x A Week to Minimarket

As many as 53.58% of our respondents admied that in a week they went shopping as much as 1-2 times to one of the minimarket, or even both. While as much as 34.53% in the week claimed they can shop up to 3-4 times. However only 11.90% were admitted, they go every day to shop at Indomaret or Alfamart.


Indomaret vs Alfamart : Ready-to-drink beverage is no 1

The most frequent goods they buy in minimarket which is ready-to-drink beverage. While the rest consists of household needs such as, toiletries, cleaning supplies and others.


Indomaret vs Alfamart : Who Has Most Visits?

We asked those 2565 respondent to pick which store they visit the most. Overall result shows that 59.68% has chosen Indomaret while 40.32% chosen Alfamart. This might also supported by the data related to how many outlets they have each. Indomaret stated they have over 10,600 outlets in 2014 while Alfamart stated they have around 9,700 outlets.

Photo Courtesy AntaraFoto.

Photo Courtesy AntaraFoto.

we can also investigate further to compare the result between male/female, specific age ranges, specific spending level, and each provinces trend.


Indomaret vs Alfamart : Male vs Female

Comparing male and female respondent, their frequency of shopping in minimarket shows similar result. Over 50% male and female respondents went to minimarket as much as 1-2 times a week.

Q3 (single answer) : Dari dua pilihan minimarket dibawah ini, mana yang lebih sering anda kunjungi?
Male Female
Option 1 : Indomaret
1541 830 711
59.87% 61.12% 58.47%
Option 2 : Alfamart
1033 528 505
40.13% 38.88% 41.53%
2574 1358 1216
100.00% 100.00% 100.00%


Slightly differs, female respondents bought more cosmetic, body care, skin care, cleaning kit, medicine, and eggs compare to men in Minimarket. And male respondents bought more cigars, bathing kit, snacks and ready-to-drink beverage than female respondents. Over the most visit minimarket, both male and female respondent voted Indomaret more than Alfamart as most minimarket they visit.


Indomaret vs Alfamart : Area Battle

Comparing each province, Indomaret has very high visitor in Yogyakarta. Over 80% of respondents in Yogyakarta area stated they went often to Indomaret compared to Alfamart. Also shown in East and Central Java, Indomaret is voted as the most visited minimarket. But in West Java and Banten province, the competition is a little tight in which Alfamart can close to 49% result compare to Indomaret.

Image Courtesy Jakpat.

Image Courtesy Jakpat.

While checking Sumatra area, there are total 242 respondents participating there. Alfamart is voted higher in Jambi (> 72%) and Bangka Belitung Island (66.67%) than Indomaret. But in other area Indomaret is still voted over 50% than Alfamart. Alfamart also got higher votes in several area in Kalimantan and Sulawesi over Indomaret. [1]


Alfamart-Indomaret Competition Goes Online

Alfamart and Indomaret are two competing brands that are always located right next to each other. Both minimart networks also ride on the currently rising e-commerce trend by introducing Alfaonline (now AlfaCart) and KlikIndomaret. In this article, we try comparing these two companies.

The use of security protocol (https)

Unlike regular e-commerce websites, both AlfaCart and KlikIndomaret have yet installed any proper security protocol on their website. As DailySocial observed, both do not redirect users to a https protocol although they’ve registered and got into the system. This surely is odd, since other players like Tokopedia, Lazada and Bukalapak have already utilized such protocol to ensure customer’s data security.

The https protocol encrypts data traffic which is sent to and from the web server. Leaving an e-commerce service unsupported by a standard protocol (http) is a bad call. Within an e-commerce system, there are several user’s crucial data like address, private phone number and account number.


Payment method

We also compared both services’ payment method. As famous entities, both present various payment options within their services. Alfacart does offer more methods, ranging from Alfamart e-voucher to Mandiri Clickpay, BCA KlikPay, bank transfer, Cash on Delivery (COD), and direct payment (through carrier billing, Indosat Dompetku, XL Tunai, Top Up, and Doku Wallet) at Alfamart stores.

Meanwhile, KlikIndomaret supports BCA Klikpay, credit card, ATM transfer, COD, and cash at Indomaret stores (either cash or using debit card, Indomaret voucher, and Indomaret card).

It’s rational to see Alfacart covering more payment options, since the service was launched earlier and has partnered with more payment gateways and operators. This is where KlikIndomaret needs to catch up. More payment options means easier access for customers.


Coverage area

For this category, Alfacart does hold the lead. So far, the service has covered Jabodetabek, Bandung, Semarang, Klaten,Yogyakarta, and Surabaya. Meanwhile, KlikIndomaret “only” serves Jakarta for groceries and Jabodetabek for non-grocery products.

Photo Courtesy IDN Times.

Photo Courtesy IDN Times.

It’s only a matter of time until the a proper competition emerges. In this sense, KlikIndomaret indeed has what it takes to cover more areas, just like what Alfaonline does.


Delivery method

Last but not least is the delivery method. For the category, the two services do serve both delivery service and redemption at the nearest Alfamart or Indomaret store.

As players in e-commerce, it’s undeniable that Alfaonline and KlikIndomaret’s strength is that they possess thousands of stores all around Indonesia. Should they implement the Online-to-Offline concept perfectly, future glory awaits them at the end of the process.


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