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Indonesian tourists ranked third in the world in utilizing digital tools to plan, order, and travel. This is according to a recent research report Travelport.

In the first rank as a digital traveler occupied China and second place India. Then followed Saudi Arabia, Mexico, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, and Colombia. As the world’s leading travel trading platform, Travelport conducts global research on 11,000 respondents in 19 countries ranging in age from 25 to 55 years old.

The purpose of this research is to know the behavioral process of consumer thinking in travel for the holidays. From a survey known, when planning a trip, as many as 93% of Indonesian travelers use videos and photos from social media, 71% use voice search, 84% prefer consultation with travel agents.

For reservations, 68% of travelers book travel via smartphone. There are as many as 43% of tourists who feel frustrated if they have to book travel elements separately. At the time of the trip, 80% of respondents prefer to use digital boarding pass.

Then, 84% of respondents felt it was important to stay in touch while traveling, and during the trip the average traveler relied on 19 apps. When it came to destination, 64% of business trips appreciated the conciergehotel service on mobile phones, and 80% of respondents chose hotels with free WiFi.

Raja Ampat Aerial Photo Courtesy By Classy Traveller.

Raja Ampat Aerial Photo Courtesy By Classy Traveller.

Mark Meehan, Managing Director of Asia Pacific Travelport said the research shows how important the digital tools for travelers along the way.

Meehan explained that his agency identified the need for a global travel and hospitality industry worth US $ 7.6 trillion to adapt continuously. “The goal is to provide responsive, relevant and timely services to customers, “he said, Tuesday (14/11).

Travelport also mentioned, Indonesia’s tourism sector has recorded significant growth of 25.68% throughout 2017. This achievement exceeds the Asia Pacific region and other emerging markets.

Raymond Setokusumo, Director of Travelport Indonesia details the growth of travel business in Indonesia this year around 9%. Based on statistical data, an estimated 115 million tourists. “The year 2036 will be 350 million tourists, which means three fold, so the growth is 300% in 20 years,” he explained.

Currently, Raymond sees the largest travel sector in Asia Pacific, not America. With China, India and Indonesia it becomes a combination of three countries that have the most population. As a result, the business of this field is quite growing rapidly.

Kawah Ijen Photo Courtesy By Matthew Williams.

Kawah Ijen Photo Courtesy By Matthew Williams.

The proof, Travelport Indonesia continues to grow. Unfortunately, Raymond did not mention the target revenue of Travelport Indonesia until the end of the year. “The increase there, approximately grows about 25% (year to date),” said Raymond. [1]


World Traveling Trends;

These 3 Big Challenges Faced for Indonesia’s  Tourism.

Traveling has now become a trend. Many people flocked to find unique and beautiful tourist destinations to visit.

Various tourist destinations are invaded by tourists from within and abroad. Indonesia became one of the countries frequented by foreign tourists, also has its own attraction in the field of culture and traditions.

In addition to culture, the nature of Indonesia is often idolized by tourists in or outside the country. The traveler chose Indonesia because this country has a different attraction with other countries, especially in the field of culture.

However, behind the fame of Indonesia in the eyes of the world traveler, tourism Fatherland has three big challenges. The challenge is expressed by the Minister of Tourism of Indonesia, Arief Yahya, when giving a speech in the event Indonesia Tourism Outlook 2018.

Indonesia has 3 big challenges in the field of Tourism, which is digital tourism, environmental sustainability and many regulation,” said Arief Yahya, Minister of Tourism of Indonesia, in his speech at Indonesia Tourism Outlook 2018 event, at Grand Ballroom, Double Tree Hotel by Hilton.


These challenges include:

1. Digital Tourism

Digital tourism becomes a new trend in the world travel world. This changing era makes the traveler even easier in running their hobby. Finding info, ordering to review trips has now become easier with the digital trend.

Digital Tourism makes Indonesian tourism increasing in the eyes of the world. However, on the other hand the stakeholders of Indonesia such as hotels and other travel agents must begin to change using digital format in order to better support the target of 20 million visits to foreign tourists to Indonesia.


2. Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability (enviromental sustainability) becomes the second point of Indonesia’s tourism challenge, because our country is ranked 131 out of 136 countries that are less concerned with the environment, TTCI version of WEF 2017. It is also based on information said by the Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya.

Indonesia is ranked 131 out of 136 countries in the world who are less concerned with the environment,” he said.

In a position that is quite distended, Indonesia became motivated to continue to improve themselves and make the environment better and environmentally friendly tourism.


3. Related Institutions

In the third point there is an institutional-related problem that becomes the challenge of Indonesia’s top three in the field of tourism. These institutional challenges sometimes create new problems.

In Indonesia there are as many as 42 thousand regulations that regulate,” said Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya.

The regulation is one of them is the enforcement of visa-free visit which is successful by the quantity of foreign tourists, but on the other side the quality or the foreign tourist expenditure is bad. [2]


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