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December 12, 2017
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The Half Price Terms also include for these services;

Brand Development and Management Services

Brand Development Experts

Once you have a brand, you have to get the word out so the rest of the world associates your brand with your company’s industry – brand development. It takes planning to know which outlets to use to reach the right people. Are you going to use social media? Which platforms? Is your website effective and is it using the right keywords? Does your company have a blog? Is it reaching the right media? All of these things, when done right, help develop your brand.

Photo Courtesy Instagram.

Photo Courtesy Instagram.

Our brand development specialists are ready to help you find the right methods for establishing your corporate brand. We guide you through the process and find the right outlets and contacts to help your brand become synonymous with your company.


Brand Management Specialists

Once the brand has been developed now you need to manage that brand. Managing your brand means you have to constantly monitor it and protect it. Brand management involves:

Reputation/brand protection
Reputation repair
Brand analysis
Marketing and Research

If something happens that affects your brand or there is someone out there saying negative things about your brand, you need to know about it. Your company needs to get all of the information about what customers and competitors are saying about you. You need to be able to react to that and adjust your marketing and brand strategy in response.

We use the latest tools and methods to track your reputation and manage your brand. We have the right media contacts, the right response strategies and we fight to protect your reputation.


Your Company is Your Brand

Your company and your brand are linked. You spend hours developing your brand and how it will be perceived. Once you have been established, you need to spend that time keeping up with what’s being said. That’s why brand management and brand development is a full time job and something that you can never forget. It’s key to your company’s success.

The brand development and brand management specialists at Benang Merah Komunikasi are ready to assist you. Schedule an appointment to talk to one of our experts today!


Public Relation and Marketing Communication Campaign and Development

A Content Developer is responsible for developing a company’s content strategy, as well as creating its deliverables. “Content “ is a broad term that can refer to blog posts, static web copy, podcasts and video content. Their responsibilities also include the technical aspect of content creation, such as basic HTML formatting and Search Engine Optimization.


Content Creation and Content Marketing

We help you execute on your content strategy by sourcing experienced content authors and by managing and organizing content creation. We can also support the migration of your site content.

Infographic Courtesy Anna Vital.

Infographic Courtesy Anna Vital.

We can recommend how to re-purpose and extend your content strategy and assets to other channels like social media and content marketing efforts to support content marketing goals. Our services include editorial calendar development and content marketing strategy.


Social Media Strategy

We develop strategic plans for our clients’ social media channels. Planning includes how to extend your overall content strategy to your social media for a consistent brand experience, how to increase social sharing of your content, and blog strategy. We can also plan paid social media campaigns.


When it comes to turning the advantages offered by an ecommerce website into an online reality, nothing is more important for a company’s business transactions than a high-quality web development process. In fact, because it is ultimately the only way through which a website can make its way onto the Internet, ecommerce website development is ultimately the key to overall digital marketing success.

Because site development is so essential to getting a website up and running, finding the best ecommerce website developer available in Internet marketing today is one of the best decisions you can make for your company.

For this reason, understanding the ecommerce development basics is the first step toward the exact type of online store and company website you are ultimately looking for.


Ecommerce Development Basic

Web development is the process of building, customizing, and extending websites by writing and coding programming languages and databases such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In other words, site development is not only what turns a website into an online reality, but is also what makes an online web site a more dynamic and effective company business source.

For this reason, ecommerce development is the single most important aspect of ecommerce. While ecommerce website development typically involves steps such as analyzing a company’s ecommerce needs, formulating a basic web design plan, establishing web hosting, and, ultimately, launching a final ecommerce website, ecommerce website development is primarily about finding a high-quality ecommerce website developer capable of writing and coding your online marketing store goals into a realized sales success.


Ecommerce Website or Application Development Expertise

Because ecommerce is the process of online commercial transaction, ecommerce development requires a large degree of ecommerce website developer expertise in order to ensure the exact safety, usability, and functionality that your online store requires.

Image Courtesy Oberlo.

Image Courtesy Oberlo.

In this regard, ecommerce website development not only requires basic site development know-how, but it also requires a specialized ecommerce development technique as well, especially for things such as online payment optimization, shopping cart coding, general security encryption, or might be Shopify Expert Specialist.

When it comes to getting the best web development for your company’s online business needs, understanding the ecommerce website development basics is the first step toward realized online market transactions and functioning business success.

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