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Meet the most viewed top leaders on LinkedIn in Indonesia for 2017. These members are not only great at what they do but have also invested in their professional brand on LinkedIn to boost their visibility.



10 Top Leader

Achmad Zaky Founder & CEO Bukalapak

Achmad Zaky is a serial entrepreneur. In 2009, he graduated in computer science from one of Indonesia’s best universities, Institut Teknologi Bandung. Soon after graduation, Achmad Zaky started a services business and made enough money to support his tech startup, which he had launched in 2011. With his own initial investment, he started Bukalapak, Indonesia’s C2C marketplace, and raised capital from Takeshi Ebihara, a well-known investor in Indonesian circles. Today, Zaky is busy scaling up Bukalapak, having already signed up 60,000 merchants onto the platform. Let us delve a little deeper into the mindset of this young and hungry entrepreneur.


Nadiem Makarim Founder & CEO PT. GO-JEK INDONESIA

In Indonesia, a motorbike is called an Ojek. Since cars and even taxis are unaffordable, Indonesians hire Ojeks to help them with their transport needs. On many street corners around Jakarta, the largest city in Indonesia, you will see Ojek drivers just sitting around and waiting for a fare. Into this space stepped in a company called Gojek. Gojek is essentially an Uber, Ticketmaster, Homejoy, Instacart and more all rolled into one. Using smartphones, customers can book a Gojek to do anything for them. You can book a Gojek to do your grocery shopping and within the hour the ojek driver will come roaring up with your groceries. However, the primary Gojek service is their Uber like service where you can book a Gojek to take you from point A to point B.


Fifi Henirawati Hoo President Director Castrol

You have probably heard of Castrol, the lubricants brand BP acquired in 2002. Castrol’s motor oils for automobiles and motorbikes are particularly well known. But did you know that Castrol also makes lubricants for every conceivable application on land, sea and in the air? Castrol’s founder, C.C. Wakefield, believed in working with manufacturers and other businesses to develop lubricants to meet their specific needs, especially where new lubricants could ease the way for advances in engine or industrial design. Castrol continues to work collaboratively like this today as the preferred lubricants partner to VW, Audi, BMW, Komatsu and others.


William Tanuwijaya Co-founder & CEO PT Tokopedia

Tokopedia, the popular Indonesian e-marketplace is one of the most promising start-ups in Asia. In its initial two years, the start-up failed to receive funding from investors. But that didn’t deter William Tanuwijaya and his team. They kept faith in the idea. It was only until February 2009 that Tokopedia received its first funding from PT Indonusa Dwitama, and in the following August, their website was launched. Tokopedia grew and attracted more investors’ interest. On March 2010, William and team got their second funding from Singapore-based Venture Capital firm, East Ventures.


Daniel Tumiwa Founder idEA – Indonesian E-commerce Association

idEA stands for Indonesia E-commerce Association or Indonesia E-commerce Association. idEA was established with the aim to accommodate effective relationships and communications for e-commerce entrepreneurs in Indonesia. In addition, idEA is also one of the organizations that support communication with the government in regulation related to industrial interests. So it is expected that the e-commerce business conditions in Indonesia can grow maximally and get support from the government. Officially founded in May 2012, there are 10 major e-commerce business that became the idah initiator team, such as Blibli.com, Berniaga.com, Bhinneka. com, DealGoing.com, Kaskus.co.id, Multiply.com, Gramedia.com, Plasa.com, TokoBagus.com (Olx) and Tokopedia.com.

Erik Meijer President Director / CEO Telkomtelstra

Telkomtelstra is a telecommunications company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was formed as a joint venture between Telkom Indonesia, the nation’s largest fixed-line operator, and Australian telecommunications company, Telstra. Telkomtelstra offers managed network services, WAN optimisation, managed cloud services, software as a service, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, unified communication and collaboration services, managed security services, and professional services. The joint venture was formed in October 2014, and has over 100 employees.


Ongki Kurniawan Managing Director, GrabPay Grab Indonesia

Grab (formerly known as GrabTaxi) is a technology company that offers wide range of ride-hailing and logistics services through its app in Malaysia and neighbouring Southeast Asian nations such as Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar. As of June 2017, the number of drivers registered in the network was over 1,000,000, and the Grab app was downloaded onto more than 45 million mobile devices across Southeast Asia.


Albert Lucius Co-Founder & CEO Kudo

Kudo is an Indonesian startup technology company that develops cutting edge solution to enrich the e-commerce and payment market in Indonesia.


Hadi Wenas CEO MatahariMall.com

MatahariMall.com is an eCommerce venture from the Lippo Group offering the largest and most complete marketplace in Indonesia, covering fashion, health & beauty, electronics, home, groceries, books, and entertainment to everyone. Powered by the largest multi-format retail company in Indonesia, the Lippo Group, MatahariMall.com aims to become the #1 eCommerce site in Indonesia.


Franciscus Zheng Founder & CEO Benang Merah Komunikasi

Benang Merah Komunikasi seeks to become a global leader and hub in digital media solutions and digital marketing in the era of AEC ( ASEAN Economic Community ) and they has been started since early 2015, especially in Asia Pacific. They hope that they can give theirr customers something to create breakthrough digital content, spread in the media and services, measure and optimize from time to time, and achieve greater business success. Binding ASEAN SME’s and Entrepreneur to gather, expand their business across the world .

ASEAN Economic Community ( AEC ) will be the goal of regional economic integration since the 2015’s . The ASEAN leaders adopted the ASEAN Economic Blueprint at the 13th ASEAN Summit on November 20, 2007 in Singapore to serve as a coherent master plan to guide the establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community.

Thats why in AEC Era, they vision to make an integrated communications agency with PR and digital at our core. With deep roots in the region we have an obsession with making brands relevant and a mission to create change through brave work. Work worthy of awe and action. With a heritage in public relations they focus today is integrating digital, social and traditional media to help B2B, B2C, Omni companies across the corporate, consumer, health and technology sectors stand out in Asian markets and star on the global stage.

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