We're the people enabler. The men behind the struggle.

It all started from a (literally) small studio in December 2004. One singe man sitting blankly thinking what to do next after his previous startup failed. That day, he decide to use “startup” as a tool to achieve freedom, so he can keep growing as an individual without worrying about future’s welfare.

At first, he built a couple different startups. It was daring, surprising, volatile, even mind bending experience for each of them. But surprisingly, more people are attracted by their vision, join the family & build their own startup too. Nowaday, SMEs, Startups, and Entrepreneurs are living, achieving and dreaming under and with Benang Merah Komunikasi’s help.

He believe that with every action, Indonesia’s startup ecosystem will grow; creating even more mature innovative business Industry which, will not only benefit Benang Merah Komunikasi, but anyone who wants to build their own venture.

Now a day, We are here because we know startups are more than just Buildings, funds, facilities or knowledge. We are who strive and sacrifice, who cherish small wins and celebrate failures, who dream of a better world and willing to give all to that one vision.

We are the power. We are the people behind the struggle.

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