Thinking of finally launching that startup in this year in Indonesia? You’d be in for a ride even if the next 12 months weren’t shaping up to be as change-filled as it appears they might.

What makes a startup unique, unlike a more mature business, is that with a little upfront legal planning, the founders can avoid a lot of headaches down the road. While each startup is different, there are a number of common situations where hiring an experienced attorney can prove to be useful.


Shareholders agreement, Board minutes, Incorporation, Share certificates


Term sheet, Business plan, Loan agreement,  Senior employment contract, Non-executive director letter of appointment, Job offer letter


Assignment of intellectual property, Confidentiality agreement, Trade marks


Website privacy policy, Website terms and conditions, Services agreement, Sale of goods contract

We want to break down these prejudices by building meaningful relationships designed to last. We want to remove bill shock from the equation by offering payment plans that are digestible within monthly expenses and mimic other service providers they are comfortable committing to, and finally, we want to provide transparent and tailored services specific to each client.

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Meet Olive, the 23-Year-Old Business Owner

Great advice! The firm is very knowledgeable in helping guide businesses every step of the way. An excellent experience working with them, they care and it shows.

If you create content or develop new products or services, you will definitely face IP issues. Every business needs to protect its ideas and identity. About 5% of the companies faced Intellectual Property issues. Therefore it’s of high importance to take the necessary precautions to protect your intellectual property rights. And this case happen to Olive.

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