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21 Awesome photos above are courtesy Cindy and taken from her site LULABYSPOON, With some years of food blogging experience on their backs today, Cindy and June felt it was time for a little reflection, a compilation of the most important do’s and don’ts of foodblogging. Some are obvious and relate to blogging in general, others may not be, and We sure there are some you’ll think totally different about. All of them reflect our very personal point of view and are supposed to give food blogging newbies a condensed survey over the most relevant topics when starting your own blog adventure. All Cindy Photos has being reviewed by herself to republish on Benang Merah Komunikasi, due prohibition and some TOS and Privacy terms The Cindy’s Photos Courtesy Agreement marked Re-Publish.

Hilton Worldwide – Hilton Hotel Bandung menu packaging;

Video Courtesy Hilton Worldwide for Hilton Hotel Bandung.

PACKAGE - Hilton Worldwide – Hilton Hotel Bandung - Magma-Lounge-Packaging-Presentation


Photo Courtesy Hilton Worldwide for Hilton Hotel Bandung.

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