Benang Merah Komunikasi are committed to delivering the best service possible to our Customers and our standards reflect our wish to provide you with that. Our staff also follows a code of ethics, which are seven protocols that govern the way we treat our customers. This code is an integral part of our company values, so it helps us to be consistent in how we respond to customer service situations.


1. We Are Here Because of Our Customers.

The customer must always come first. One happy customer may tell a few people about their service experience; however, the unhappy ones will tell everyone in their circles (it’s a small world with social media). Some research estimates that it takes twelve positive service incidences just to make up for one negative incident.


2. We Understand Our Customers Are Our Future.

Even the world’s most successful companies can’t take survival for granted. When your customers needs change, change to meet those needs. Abandon the status quo and push beyond your comfort zone. And be grateful that your customer base changes—because stagnation leads to death (e.g., Borders Bookstore).


3. We Treat Customers Like Family.

Don’t see your customers as walking wallets; make them feel special. Learn to love them, because they’re the ones who keep your company alive. Build rapport. Be fully present when you’re with them. Learn their special dates, so you can send cards or say Happy Birthday. Take notes on their families and hobbies. They’ll be very grateful for your concern—and that gratitude will translate to profit.


4. We Always Listen to Our Customers.

We listen when they are happy, dissatisfied, or say nothing. We always ask about service quality so we can do better next time. Pay attention to their needs; make a special effort to hear what they’re saying. Don’t just go on autopilot. Focus on them and give them all of your attention, proving they’re important to you. The biggest reason people leave a company is because they sense the company doesn’t care about them anymore. Never let that happen. Make them so happy they sing your praises, drawing in others.


5. We Work Hard to Solve Any Problems.

When a customer has a problem, you have a problem. Don’t let yourself be satisfied until they are; give 110 percent to settle their problem, so you can retain their business. Most customers will do business with you again if you fix their problem; it’s even better if you fix it on the spot. They want to feel important, and they want you to be fully prepared to help them.


6. We Maintain Positive Attitudes.

Even with difficult customers, keep your attitude relentlessly positive. The smile on your face and the tone of your voice can make a huge difference. Accept that even if their experience is perfect, they probably won’t comment on it, because they expect perfection. And remember, their attitudes will change over time. What was once good enough may become unsatisfactory if they encounter something better. So give them that something better—and do it with a smile. All it takes is one indifferent employee to kill your business.


7. We All Impact Customer Service.

Everyone in your company, no matter how minor, impacts customer service. I once visited a neighborhood restaurant where the service was great and the food was wonderful. I had a great time—until I felt a wad of chewing gum on the underside of the table, which completely killed the experience for me. I didn’t go back there, despite the otherwise wonderful atmosphere. The cleaning crew had let everyone down. Little things and small actions can stick in the customer’s mind, damaging their experience.


Creative Team Service Code of Excellence

  1. Be Responsive: The front line is the bottom line. Prove that we deliver above and beyond expectations!

  2. Be Positive: Smile, they can hear it in your voice. Be conscious of the difference between “onstage” and “backstage”.

  3. Be Professional: Treat customers and coworkers the way you want to be treated. Be friendly, but always be professional.

  4. Be Prepared: Educate yourself on the industry, our capabilities and utilize all of our company assets. Ensure you have all of the tools to assist the customer as a single service provider.

  5. Listen: Really hear what the customer’s needs are. Be open-minded with customers and coworkers.

  6. Follow Up: Take ownership to make sure things get done internally. Follow up with the customer to make sure they have everything they need. Thank customers and stay in touch. Exceptional service is never forgotten.

  7. Stay Focused: Prioritize: Separate the urgent from the important.

  8. Exceed Expectations: Get the facts before setting expectations. Do not set deadlines you cannot keep.

  9. Meet Deadlines: Use calendars, computer and or other tools.

  10. Safety: Do our part to ensure safety compliance.

  11. Be Creative: Think outside the box. We cannot solve challenges at the same level of thinking at which the challenge was created.

  12. Serve Internal Customers: Our sales, operations, regulatory compliance and safety professionals are also our customers.

  13. Never Be Afraid of Change: A few caring people can change the world our customers live in. If we do not change, we do not grow.


What you can expect from us

When you contact us, we will:

  1. Deal with your query in a professional manner;

  2. Treat you as an individual, with respect and take into account your needs;

  3. Work with you to do everything we reasonably can to resolve your query.


When we are dealing with your query:

  1. We will keep you informed of the progress;

  2. If we are unable to resolve your query, and need to pass it on to someone else, we will let you know and give you their contact details if available.


When you visit us we will ensure:

  1. We deal with your initial enquiry as soon as possible and let you know of any delays;

  2. We offer you a private interview room if required.


When you call us we will:

  1. Answer your call promptly;

  2. Aim to call you back, as soon as is practically possibleif you leave a message;

  3. Give you a contact name and phone number if you need to call us back.

  4. If you write to us (letter, Fax, E-mail, online-forms or Text): We will acknowledge receipt and aim to give you a full answer to your query/question as soon as possible. If an investigation is required, that would take longer; we will confirm with you a timeframe when to expect a response.


What we would ask of you: 

  1. That you treat our staff politely and with respect – we will not tolerate abuse, physical or verbal, against our staff.  If you are abusive we will terminate the telephone calls or ask you to leave the premises.

  2. That you are not abusive in any written communication, if you are we will not respond to your communication.

  3. Work with us in a spirit of co-operation and provide us with as much information as possible to help us to help you resolve your query in a timely way;

  4. Let us know the best way to communicate with you and anything we should consider when getting in touch with you to make it as easy as possible;

  5. Give us as much information as possible to ensure that we can deal with you question / query or transaction as efficiently as possible;

  6. If you have a good or bad experience with us, please let us know so that we can pass on the compliment or comment in order to work to improve our service;

  7. Give us your contact information; Name, Phone number, E-mail address and any relevant reference number etc. so that we can contact you if necessary.